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Lone Brinkmann ✒️📖📚
Kierkegaard’s existential philosophy is my inspiration • writing philosophical essays about ethics, love and life choices is my mission •
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Don’t chase a repetition you can’t have

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Dear Reader,

Have you ever considered the possibility of repeating an event, a date, a relationship, or a particular moment in your life?

I know I have.

Lately, I have been considering whether or not I should move back to Copenhagen. I love the city, I have great friends and…

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“To be a person is to have a…

Magic is all around you.

Photo of hot air balloons taken by the author.

You never know what the day has in store for you.

Yesterday wasn’t that different from other days.

After my writing session, I read Kierkegaard’s book ‘Repetition’. His stories made me wonder if a repetition of a wonderful experience is possible. …

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring read. Dr. Preeti Singh.

A novel can give you the best travel experience

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Dear Reader,

Reading an historical novel set in the country or city you are about to visit can be magical.

I have always preferred to read fiction instead of watching movies. …

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‘The Seducer’s Diary’ gives you romance and life…

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A personal science project called ‘Working Smarter, Not…

Have You Ever Thought About Going on a Workcation?

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Dear Reader,

In my case, workcations have become my best investments, and maybe it’s something for you to consider. I use workcation to recharge my batteries and focus on my next move.

Work + Vacation = Workcation

Some people need to go for a run or spend hours in the gym to clear their heads…

Lone Brinkmann ✒️📖📚

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