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Dear Reader,

Writing and reading are my oxygen.

I’m a Scandinavian writer; my native language is Danish, but here on Medium I write in English and publish two to four times a month.

Medium is my playground, and my pieces are my digital footprint. I document and share my personal and professional journeys with fiction and Kierkegaard’s existential philosophy.

My academic work includes Kierkegaard’s existential philosophy in general, and personal storytelling in the past versus the digital narratives created through social media today.

Fiction and Kierkegaard’s existential philosophy inspire me and guide me in my own life. Fictional characters are as real to me as my friends IRL. They often come up with answers to life’s big and small questions, and maybe they’ll have something to say to you, too.

I look forward to sharing my pieces with you.

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Email: mail@lonebrinkmann.dk

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